Url Rewrite Filter 4.0.3


A clean URL scheme is very important detail for any quality Web Application. UrlRewriteFilter provides a toolkit to let you set URL patterns however you want.

See Cool URIs don't change, by World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee, for excellent arguments on why URLs should be clean and usable.

With the Apache webserver there is mod_rewrite for URL manipulation.

In J2EE land the Servlet specification (by Sun) standardises the approach for dealing with Java web server programming. We have come a long way from basic Servlets, JSP's, MVC frameworks etc but Java Web Application Servers such as Tomcat are seldom used as front-line web servers, they almost always have Apache infront of them.

If you want to use an app server as a front line web server UrlRewriteFilter will enable you to manage incoming URL's in a much more flexible way than the app server usually lets you.

You can find test cases in the source distribution. UrlRewriteFilter should work on any J2EE web application server and has been tested using Cargo on the following web application servers:

The filter has been designed for maximum performance. Testing has indicated that it should only slow down a request by 0.0005 of a second under normal circumstances (depending on hardware and configuration etc.). Take a look at the source in the class org.tuckey.web.filters.urlrewrite.PerformanceTest.testLoadsOfRules() for more information.


UrlRewriteFilter is distributed under the BSD License. For more information on see opensource.org/licenses.

If you want to purchase ad-hoc support, a support contract or custom development please email sales@tuckey.co.nz.